And God said unto Noah………Make thee an ark of gopher wood.  Genesis 6:13-14

Your own future is shaped by todays decisions, therefore the future should not be ignored as though irrelevant to today.  Jesus did not teach man to ignorethe future, but to prepare for it.  His warning was against anxiet concerning tomorrow, not against preparation.  It was I who taught Noah to prepare for the flood.  Draw on my Wisdom, for to Me all things are plain now.

What preparations should I be making in my life now?

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What good thing might God be creating in my life right now?

The Master Artist

And God was every thing that He had made, and behold it was very good Genesis 1:31

I make no idle strokes.  What I do is never haphazard.  I am never merely mixing colors out of casual curiosity.  My every move is one of the vital creativity, and every stroke is part of the whole.  Never be dismayed by apparent incongruity.  Never be alarmed by a sudden dash of color seeming out of context.  Say only to your questioning heart, “It is the Infinite wielding His brush; I know He does all things well.”

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Hello world!

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